We can work with all of the media storage formats you may own:

(The pictures below are for comparison purposes only - not to scale - yours may look different)


 cf1 Compact Flash I

cf2Compact Flash II

md Microdrive

mmc MMC (Multi-Media Card)

  mmc-rsRS-MMC (Reduced Size MMC)

ms Memory Stick

ms-pro Memory Stick Pro

ms-duo Memory Stick Duo

ms-duo-pro Memory Stick Pro Duo

sd Secure Digital (SD)

sd-mini SD Mini

sd-micro SD Micro

sd-hc SD High Capacity (SDHC)

sd-hc-mini SDHC Mini

sd-hc-micro SDHC Micro

sm Smart Media

xd XD Picture Card

usb USB Pocket Drive

CD-DVD CD's and DVD's

BD-R Blu-ray Discs


Video Cameras With Built-in Memory



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